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Another beautiful Destination Indian Wedding at the Gaylord Palms Resort

Posted on July 25, 2010

To cool down for the summer, we are posting this fabulous Indian wedding we shot last December at the most unique Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando. This was a big, extremely colorful wedding with many interesting aspects – but one of the most unusual elements had to be the presence of an “ice house” display that was at the Gaylord Palms for the holidays. We decided to go through this sub zero display to see if we could catch a few “cool” shots there. We had to move quickly, as the bride and groom were literally freezing every time they took their jackets off to take a picture! We’ve included a few shots from this festive and icy experience here.

The wedding celebration, which began Friday night with the sangeet at the groom’s family home nearby, was truly perfect – they recreated an outdoor Bombay Street Bazaar. It was set up under the starry Orlando sky with lots of stalls with hot food made fresh, street signs of major roads in Bombay, and lively Bollywood performances

The bride’s outfits were custom made in India. Her sangeet outfit was Ritu Kumar, her wedding ceremony outfit was designed by Chintan and her reception outfit was designed by Neeta Lulla

The Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando is an enormous complex with a unique outdoors feel indoors – the center of the hotel is like a huge solarium, with plants and event alligators! Given the time we had, we roamed as much of the venue as we could, getting some amazing shots along the way.

Inside the ICE Experience, All the displays were made of colored ICE! It was very COLD. The bride and groom took off their heavy jackets, then posed for a few quick photos.

The traditional Indian wedding ceremony was held in the spectacular Orange Blossom Ballroom at the Gaylord Palms. The décor for the ceremony was simply breathtaking, featuring peach, pink and orange hues that nicely coordinated with the existing colors of the room. The bride and groom wanted their guests to have as intimate a feeling possible and they felt this room was perfect. They thought the gorgeous chandeliers and the warm orange and amber tones that gave a very romantic undertone.

The reception featured plum and pink tones and lots of candles to create a romantic and elegant ambiance. The evening was both festive and fun with guests dancing the night away, enjoying Indian cuisine and savoring a magnificent and very ornate cake. At the end of the evening, guests were invited to enjoy a lavish candy buffet stationed right outside the ballroom doors.

The wedding festivities were magnificently coordinated by Vaishali Sawant of Rose Events, based in New Jersey. Vaishali and her team made sure that everything ran smoothly and were especially helpful in gathering the numerous family members for the family photo session after the ceremony. Everyone wanted to have their photo taken with this stunning bride and groom it seemed!

What a truly sweet end to a splendid affair! I'm grateful to have the opportunity to photograph one of the most amazing Indian weddings we’ve ever seen!

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Molly and Jeff’s Destination Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Naples (Photography by Albert an awesome member of the Jeff Kolodny Photography Team.)

Posted on July 24, 2010

Albert recently had a fantastic time photographing Molly and Jeff’s destination wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Naples. They were a pleasure to work with and Albert had a ball roaming the magnificent grounds of the Ritz-Carlton Naples seeking out places to shoot. As you will see, he found some really cool locations in which to photograph this attractive couple.

We love to shoot South Florida destination weddings, and this one was especially fun since it was a Ritz-Carlton Naples wedding on Florida’s west coast. Many thanks to Molly and Jeff for the opportunity to photograph their special day!!

Here are some of Molly’s comments following the wedding:

“Albert was an exceptional photographer. He showed professionalism throughout the entire day and night of shooting and didn’t stop for a second. I appreciated his attention to detail, large or small. He was assertive in telling me how he would like me without being aggressive or pushy. He made me feel comfortable at all times. He has the patience and takes the time to get the perfect shot. He was dedicated to both me and my wedding guests. He made sure I was happy and taken care of and constantly reminded me the day was all about me :) I could tell his mind was constantly working and thinking of all the perfect shots...I needed that in my photographer as I wasn't familiar with the resort. By the end of the night Albert was drenched from his head to his toes due to the heat and hard work..and not for one minute did he show exhaustion or fail to do his best. I would hire him all over again! Thank you Albert!”

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