NYNJ Photography: Beautiful photos and amazing exposure. Great work. (Jun 23, 11, 09:52pm)

Derek: As per usual, amazing job Jeff; like DG I love the IR. (May 26, 11, 11:45pm)

the photographer: What beautiful photography shoots you show in your photos, the scenes look so natural. (May 16, 11, 09:52pm)

Shaun David: I like your natural light shots. Great images and moments. (May 3, 11, 06:50pm)

LJP Los Angeles: Love the shots of the venue, they're great! (Apr 19, 11, 01:15am)

shabnam: I love her dress! wow, she is so cute!! lovely couple!!! (Apr 18, 11, 12:52am)

Digital Gold: Awesome series Jeff! I ended up stumbling upon this and I've known Jon since middle school. I think the IR photo is my favorite. Absolutely lovely! Keep up the great work. (Apr 17, 11, 04:42pm)