Alizeebridal: Wow,what a empire and romantic wedding!Love the wedding's color and sweet feelings!Thanks for sharing! (May 25, 13, 03:42am)

mike: The lighting in the room is amazing, really liking that last image in the post! (Apr 26, 10, 08:45am)

William: Wow! The colors in this place are great, good post production too. Looks like a great location. (Apr 19, 10, 04:27pm)

Hadar: What a great collection of images, the B&G must be thrilled. (Apr 5, 10, 04:54pm)

Wedding Photographer Sydney: Fantastic photography images and great use of available light. Awesome work cheers! (Feb 24, 10, 12:10am)

sandy: Out of all the photos you have posted on your wonderufl web site, this wedding is my favorite! Beautiful! You are very talented too! (Jan 15, 10, 03:38pm)

Joe Federer Photography: Okay, I realize I should be ranting and raving about your amazing images and how impressively you captured an (what looks like) amazing event... but I actually dropped the comment because ... mmmmmm, boiled pears. Good choice by the Bride and Groom. (oh, and the first shot, and the shot of them smoochin' with the fireworks in the background ... epic.) (Jan 7, 10, 06:11pm)

Tracy: Absolutely stunning images! The fireworks photograph at the top is out of this world. -Tracy (Dec 21, 09, 03:43pm)